Everything looks great on Film!


Something about me and why film is so awesome!

In a world that passes us by very quickly, I was looking for a way to come down and enjoy life as it is. With photography itself succeeded quite well, but you drift away very quickly. My brother inspired me with his portrait photography, which was shot on film, to dive into the depths of analog photography.

Human - Water

What do I think is the benefit?

Analog photography requires more attention and care when shooting. Each image is well thought out and therefore leads to a higher quality result. When I look at old analog pictures from my childhood, I feel the charm and timeless aesthetic that I also feel in the pictures I shoot.

Whenever I look at my son's pictures from 4 years ago, I think to myself, too bad I wasn't taking pictures at the time. All the pictures were taken with the cell phone and have a low quality and so they are only viewable on the cell phone. But pictures have to be printed and hang in a frame on the wall or in a photo book on the shelf. I feel the time with my family becomes more precious when I spend it with a film and shooting selected pictures.

Human - senior
Dog - Human

What do you get out of it?

Also your weddings go by faster than you think and felt you get nothing. For example, I had to tell my wife everything that happened. The calm and coziness of analog photography will flow into your big day and make it even better than it already is. Analog shots often feel softer and more organic compared to digital images, creating an overall aesthetic that adds authenticity and a touch of nostalgia to your images. The how leads to honest moments and emotions that will be cherished for a lifetime.

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